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Michael J. McConnell, B.S. 

Senior Environmental Scientist

Mr. McConnell has 15 years of environmental consulting experience in the private sector working with AST Environmental.  He has performed work on a wide variety of projects including federally protected species assessments and surveys, stream mitigations, wetland delineations and mitigations.  He has worked with protected aquatic species (mussels, snails, reptiles and fish) for over 12 years.  Mr. McConnell's experience includes a 2.5 year project as a Natural Resource Advisor with the British Petroleum (BP) MC-252 Deepwater Horizon oil spill cleanup response.

Terry D. Richardson, Ph.D.

​Senior Ecologist

Vice President

Dr. Richardson has 31 years of experience in environmental consulting with over 36 years of experience with freshwater invertebrate ecology.  Dr. Richardson’s expertise includes federally listed bivalves, snails, and fish, as well as wetland mitigation, benthic macroinvertebrate stream surveys, and non-native aquatic species.  He has served as an expert witness in numerous cases involving environmental and listed species issues.  Dr. Richardson served 10 years as the director of the Alabama Rare and Endangered Species Research Center at the University of North Alabama and has nearly 31 years of teaching ecology and aquatic ecology at the University.  He is federally permitted for working with over 100 protected species.

AST's clients benefit from the wide range of knowledge and experience of our professional staff.

EST. 2010

William “Randy” McCann

Senior Environmental


Mr. McCann has 40 years of experience in managing natural resources, public land, and environmental regulatory compliance.  He has experience in wildlife conservation, wetlands, land management and planning, economic development projects, real estate transactions, public recreation, project management, recreation area development, and environmental compliance and review programs in his 35 years with the Tennessee Valley Authority.  Through this experience Mr. McCann developed numerous professional relationships with other federal, state, and local government officials and the public. Additional experience includes aquatic systems investigations, protected species surveys and report preparation, and biological assessments for submittal to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Jeff M. Selby, M.S.

​Senior Biologist


​Mr. Selby has over 26 years of environmental consulting in the private sector, five years of teaching in the biological sciences at the collegiate level and five years in ecological research.  He has experience working on a wide variety of projects including stream and wetlands mitigation and protected species assessments.  Mr. Selby has worked with protected aquatic species (mussels, snails, reptiles and fish) for 25 years.  He has prepared and implemented mitigation plans for projects involving protected species including habitat restoration and species relocation.  He possesses a Federal collection permit for over 100 protected species.